M C Morgan, Emeritus Professor of English. Bemidji State University. 1986 - 2018. Bemidji MN 56601

Research Interests

Contemporary rhetoric and digital rhetoric. Digital Humanities studies and methods. Wikis, fedwiki, hypertextual writing spaces for scholarly purposes. 2019: Latest work is in wikis and chora: Wikis as Choric Spaces.


Born 1953, Minneapolis., MN, US. Married, 1979, St. Cloud, MN to Vivienne Morgan, MFA. Living in Bemidji, Minnesota, since 1986. No children.


Ph.D. Rhetoric and Writing, 1996. Dissertation: Student Rhetorical Practices in E-Mail Conferences: A Case Study. Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH.

M.A. English, 1986. St. Cloud State University, St Cloud, MN. Emphasis in composition and rhetoric. Thesis: A Narrative Analysis of John Fowles's The Magus.

Graduate Study in British Literature, London University College, London, 1980-81. Composition analysis of the mss of Finnegans Wake, British Museum, 1981.

B.A. English, 1980. St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN.

Study in Literature, Art, and Social History (through SCSU), London University College, London, 1978-79. 

Teaching and Administrative Positions

Bemidji State University, Dept of English, Bemidji, MN 1986 - Jul 2018. Full professor.  Emeritus status 2018.

Assessment Coordinator, BSU College of Arts and Letters, 2007 - 8.

Director of Composition, Bemidji State University, 1998 - 2005.

Visiting Researcher. The Open University, Institute of Educational Technology. Milton Keynes, UK. Spring and summer, 2001.

Guest Lecturer in Applications of Electronic Writing Spaces for The Open University, 2001 - 2005.

Director of the Writing Resource Center, Bemidji State University, 1986 - 1998.

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green OH. Teaching Fellow in Writing. Two-year educational leave from BSU, 1990-92.

BSU Upward Bound Program. Instructor of Writing, summers, 1987-1995.

St. Cloud State University, St. Cloud, MN. Teaching Assistant in Composition, 1981-1983. 

Courses Taught

Courses in electronic rhetoric, academic writing, web design and content writing; rhetorical theory and pedagogy for secondary education majors and graduate assistants; and first-year composition. From 1990, all writing courses incorporated computer-mediated communication. From 1995, all writing courses were computer-intensive and web supplemented. From 2003, courses were taught using wikis. From 2010, courses were taught as hybrid.  

Student materials for 1000- and 2000-level courses are not available online. My materials (preserved in amber on these wikis) are open for reuse under CC license. For use of student work, contact the student. For full access to the wikis, contact me:

• ENGL 1151: Composition: Digital Literacy

• ENGL 2150: Technical Writing

• ENGL 2152: Argument and Exposition

• ENGL 3177/5177: Weblogs and Wikis

• ENGL 3179/5179: Elements of Electronic Rhetoric

• ENGL 3160/5160: Web Design for Content Writers

• ENGL 4170/5170: Web Content Writing

• ENGL 3550/5530: Teaching Writing with Technology

• ENGL 4709: Digital Humanities 

• ENGL 4706: Breaking the Book with Digital Media

• ENGL 6930: Composition Theory

• ENGL 6277: Problems in Literary Criticism: Digital Literature

• ENGL 6680: Interdisciplinary Seminar: Social Semiotics

• ENGL 6680: Seminar on Joyce

Research, Presentations, and Publications

From 2018: slate: a consideration of themes. An arcades project.

From 2015: journal on Fedwiki.

Fall, 2015: Complexity in Using FedWiki. GPACW. Metro State, St Paul, MN. Notes.

Fall 2014: Writing on a Wiki: An Introduction. SFU, Tampa, FL. Joseph Moxley, executive editor. Draft at

From 2010, A Wiki Writing Handbook.

Fall 2010: Report from the Field: PLEs. GPACW 2010. NDSU, Fargo, ND. 

Embedding the WikiWritingHandbook. Writing Program Administrators Conference, 2010, July 18, Philadelphia. "Intellectual Freedom, Writing Programs, and Open Textbooks," with Joe Moxley, Matt Barton, and Charlie Lowe. 

Keynote Speaker, Red River Graduate Student Conference. University of North Dakota, Fargo ND. 27 March 2010. "An Online World that has Such Writers In It," or Re-Thinking the Writer.

"Above and Below the Double Line: Refactoring and that Old Time Revision," in Wiki Writing: Collaborative Learning in the College Classroom, Barton and Cummings, eds. U of Michigan Press, 2008. Also published in the Digital Culture Books series, U of Michigan, MPublishing. 

"Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt at 'The Lodge.'" Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing. MSU Mankato, 2006.

Keynote Speaker. MnSCU Conference on Literature and Writing, Inver Hills College, March, 2005. "Putting ourselves on the line: Students and teachers in new writing spaces."

Workshop in the Art of Blogging. Minnesota Northwoods Writers Conference, Bemidji State University, June 20 - 25, 2004.

NotesTowardsARhetoricOfWiki. CCCC 2004, San Antonio, Mar 26, 2004.

"That Course in Blogs and Wikis". A student panel presented at the Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing, April 23, 2004.

Goodfellow, Robin, Michael Morgan, Mary Lea, John Pettit. "Students' Writing in the Virtual University: An Investigation into the Relation between Online Discussion and Writing for Assessment on two Masters Courses," in Doing Literacy Online. Ilana Snyder and Catherine Beavis, eds. Hampton Press, 2004.

From Online Discussion to Formal Assessment: Lessons from the Open University. iTeach: Best Practices in Teaching with Technology Conference, April 2002.

"Students Writing in the Virtual University: A Rhetorical Review of the Data." Project report for SWIVU Research Team, IET, Open University, UK. July, 2001. Also published online by the Open University at

Teaching Academic Writing in Electronic Environments. Open University IET Seminar. Open University, UK, May, 2001

Visiting Researcher, Institute for Educational Technology, Open University, UK. Undertaking research in CMC and academic literacies with Robin Goodfellow and Mary Lea. April - June, 2001.

Guiding Online Discussions: A Social Argument Framework. Teaching Online in Higher Education, Online Conference, Nov 13 and 14, 2000. Purdue.

Encouraging and Managing Online Discussions. Web site. Presented at MnSCU Teaching with Technology Best Practices Conference. 28 April, 2000.

Rhetorical Exchange: Five Years After: Proposal accepted for Great Plains Alliance for Computers and Writing Conference, February 2000.

"Hands Off: Ten Techniques for Tutoring Writing with Word Processors." ERIC/REC. 1997.

Writing Center Discussion Paper. The Collaboration Online Conference, 1998 <address>

BSU Technical Planning Committee White Paper, 1997.

Trainer/Mentor for Electronic Academy: World Wide Web, 1996-97. Created original Web Training site: /academics/colleges/arts_and_letters/webtraining.

Review of The Methodical Memory, by Sharon Crowley, with Sue Carter Simmons. Composition Chronicle, May 1992.

Lead editor, "Symposium on the 1991 'Progress Report from the CCCC Committee on Professional Standards," College Composition and Communication, May 1992.

"Conversational Maintenance by Men and Women in Computer Networked Discussion".

Writers at Work in Hypertext. Pilot research, spring 1991; paper, 1992.

EECAP Assessment participant. Lima Technical College, Oct.-Nov. 1991.

"Placing Students by Writing Sample at BSU." Research and report for BSU Assessment Project, 1990.

BSU Writing Center profiled in Apple Computer's Writing Curriculum Guide, 1990.

Using the Mac in Middle-School Writing Classes. One-day workshop for middle-school teachers, for BSU Professional Development and The Middle-School Project.

Review of writing software for St. Martin's Press, 1989.

"Tutors in The Basic Writing Classroom: A Teaching Partnership." With B. Graham and tutor M. Underhill. Panel presentation at MCTE Conference, 1989.

"At the Writing Center: Notes from Underground." Article in Metamorphosis, BSU publication, 1989.

Facilitator: Text Analysis Tools. Macintosh in Composition Conference. University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 1988.

"Hands Off: Ten Techniques for Tutoring Writing with Word Processors." Paper presented at MCTE Conference, 1988.

"Going In Empty-Handed: Teaching Writing with a Machine." Paper presented at MCTE Conference, 1988.

"Basic Writers Write with Computers." Paper presented at MCTE Conference, 1987.

Presenter: Computers in Composition Conference for Secondary Teachers. Hibbing Community College, Hibbing, MN, 1987. 


Versioner. Writing research tool, 1991.

Mailbox. Local area network communication software, 1990.

Brainstorm. HyperCard stack for freewriting, note taking, and drafting, 1989.

UB Invent. Hypercard invention stacks commissioned by Upward Bound, 1989.

Getting Started: A Manual and Source Materials for Writing Tutors. Hypertext document, 1989.

Aristotle's Bottle. HyperCard writing stacks for heuristic invention, 1988. 

Web Production

College of Arts and Letters Web. /academics/colleges/arts_and_letters/, 1995- 2008.

On-Line course materials for College Writing I, College Writing II, Expository Writing, Web Design and Content Writing, others. 1995 Continuing.

BSU On-Line Writing Resource Center. /students/services/writing_resource_center/, 1995-1998.

Campus Chat, with Beau Seeger. On cal.dialogue using WebCrossing, 1997.

Web Design Resources, compiled for the Electronic Academy, 1997 - 99. /academics/colleges/arts_and_letters/webtraining/.

Dialogue: College of Arts and Letters Web Conferencing Site. http//, 1996 - 2007. 

Wikis and CMC Spaces

ENGL 2101: Intermediate Writing Course Wiki: <>

ENGL 1101: College Writing II Course Wiki: <>

Weblogs and Wiki Course Wiki </>. Since 2003.


Morgan's Log: Weblog: <> 

Grants, Awards, External Positions

Schoolcraft Expeditionary School. Social Media and Networking Consultant. Grant. January 2010 - 2011.

BSU Professional Improvement Grant. Sabbatical research in PLEs. Fall 2010.

BSU TELL Grant. Creating an Internship Opportunity: Blogging Interns. Awarded for fall, 2006.

Visiting Researcher, Institute for Educational Technology, Open Univesity, UK. April - July, 2001.

Electronic Academy Award for Creating Academic Computer-Mediated Conferencing Suites Using the World Wide Web, fall 1996.

Q7 Grant for development of Electronic Internships in Arts and Letters, spring 1996.

Q7 Grant for Aspects, collaborative writing software, with Dr. Kathleen Meyer, fall 1995.

Q7 Grant for development of Writing Resource Center, spring 1993.

BSU Professional Development Grant, 1990, 1991, 1996.

NSF grant writer for BSU Dept. of Physics, 1989. Awarded.

Bush Grant to purchase outlining software for Writing Center, 1988.

Title III Grant facilitator for developing a word processing Writing Center at BSU, 1986-88.


BSUFA Secretary, Executive Board. 2008 - 2010, 2012 - 2014.

BSU Web Advisory Group, 2004 - 2005.

IFO Academic Computing Committee, 1988 - present; Chair, 1990; 1992; 2007 - 2011.

SuperLab Committee, 1992 - 1996.

Computing, Teaching and Learning Resources Planning Committee, 1996 - 2005

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