back to the WP app

20120810-141542.jpgWordPress has updated its iOS app, so here I am trying it out. So far, so good. It handles placing and uploading images a little better than before, and has better access to coding like links. There’s no fancy workflow switching, as there is in. Blogsy, but that makes for simplicity, really. Maybe I’m getting old, maybe it’s the relaxed state I’m in while writing on an iPad, but i’m finding switching between apps – browser to WP – more suited to working than a top-heavy, all-in-one app.

I’m most impressed with how straightforward it is to size and align an image. The code is clean, and the preview is helpful – but only just helpful. The preview isn’t showing paragraph breaks, and it doesn’t show the text wrapped around the image as it appears in the post. I’m hoping that will be fixed in a small update.

Worth the upgrade, especially as it’s free.