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bookmarks for June 23rd, 2011 through July 29th, 2011

bookmarks for January 16th, 2011 through January 17th, 2011

  • Fortune favors the bold and the italicized – A little upset here on the visual side: designing texts for difficult reading: "disfluency – the subjective experience of difficulty associated with cognitive operations – leads to deeper processing … Study 1 found that information in hard-to-read fonts was better remembered than easier to read information in a controlled laboratory setting. Study 2 extended this finding to high school classrooms. The results suggest that superficial changes to learning materials could yield significant improvements in educational outcomes." – (reading vizualization visualdesign design )
  • Fitzpatrick – The Pleasure of the Blog: The Early Novel, the Serial, and the Narrative Archive – Nifty thesis:" "All blogs, for Himmer, are in some sense literary, because of the nature of their readers’ interactions with them. … Such a claim begins to suggest that the reasons we read blogs may be slightly different than we have often imagined; through this understanding, blogs offer not simply a voyeuristic peek into someone else’s life — though, obviously, that numbers among their pleasures, too — but they also offer a form of writing that engages the reader by requiring her not simply to consume the content presented but also, in some sense, to produce that content, to complete what is present through a knowledge of what is past, an exploration of the ways that that present is situated, and a commitment to return in the future." – (blogging identity genre narrative reading )
  • [toread] Genre Under Construction: The Diary on the Internet — Language@Internet – Laurie McNeill – (diary en3177 weblogs journal private_and_pubic )

bookmarks for December 19th, 2009

bookmarks for November 3rd, 2009