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ecto 3 beta

This is a quick entry to test ecto 3. The changes (I haven’t cataloged them yet) are nice – helpful, but the interface has changed a little. The upload speed has really improved.


For the last few days I was looking for a good database/journal app that integrated blogging, but came up with little. MacJournal 5 was about all. SOHO Notes (which I use as an inbox) uses Atom Publishing Protocol. but the host I use runs php as a cgi, which doesn’t play nicely with WordPress.

But in the end, I realized that a dedicated blogging app is best to use. It allows better layout and posting management than a journal app with blogging added in. For instance,

  • images can be placed accurately
  • links can be refined
  • entries can take tags and categories

All these – and other features – are necessary valuable for serious blogging, both in managing the blog and in shaping workflow.