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Reading: Preserving a way of life by taking care

From Preserving a way of life by taking care

The Guardian reports on lack of masks and social distancing as students return to campuses. Closing bars early, mandating masks, setting $500 fines. It’s not just students; it’s not just a matter of staying away from non-compliant businesses and situations; infection spills over into the community – especially as communities become complacent.

Iowa’s governor, Kim Reynolds, has ordered all bars shut down around the University of Iowa and Iowa State. In Story county, home to Iowa State, 74% of new cases over the past seven days were among people ages 19 to 24, Reynolds said on Thursday. In the same time period, 69% of new cases in Johnson county, the home of the University of Iowa, were in that age group.

“It is increasing the virus activity in the community, and its spilling over to other segments of the population,” Reynolds said.

The best word comes from George Handley, campus council chair at BYU:

BYU, owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, has its own rules requiring masks on campus. Requirements for indoor public spaces in town will help people stay healthy and businesses stay open, Handley said.

“This is actually about preserving our way of life, it’s not about destroying it contrary to what some people say,” Handley said.