three educational uses for Brightkite: some notes

If you have to look for uses for an app, is it really useful? Or are you just making it up? We have to make it up at first to see the possibilities. Back when the web was just getting going, early users had a sense of what it could be used for, a sense… Continue reading three educational uses for Brightkite: some notes

rough notes on personal learning environments or how i spent my xmas vacation

I spent most of my semester break messing with looking at some social networking apps and how to link them up. I was familiar with a few of them already and had been using them regularly: flickr, delicious, facebook (not so regularly), tumblr, twitter. I added brightkite, friendfeed, and Righ away, brightkite and friendfeed… Continue reading rough notes on personal learning environments or how i spent my xmas vacation

e-planning planning for spring

It might snow Sunday, and that means it’s time to start to select texts for spring classes. Our campus bookstore wanted selections by mid-October, and while I’d like to accommodate the corporate giant, it will have to wait. Two courses I’m teaching in spring, E-Rhetoric and Weblogs and Wikis, benefit from using the most recent… Continue reading e-planning planning for spring

ou social:learn cluster

A set of links to announcements and materials for social:learn. Goes back to July, 2008. SocialLearn Main site blog. SocialLearn: Bridging the Gap Between Web 2.0 and Higher Education elearnspace: SocialLearn Harold Jarche » SocialLearn The Ed Techie: The Social:Learn project A successful SocialLearn workshop |

there are no agnostics in classrooms

Maybe I’m just a little cranky this morning, but I’ve heard all this before. Wired Campus has a piece on Luke Fernandez, an assistant manager of program and technology development at Weber State University, Utah, and his encounter with Moodle. Mr. Fernandez went to Moodlemoot, a conference of Moodle users, last month in San Francisco.… Continue reading there are no agnostics in classrooms

teacher in your pocket

What I really like about this Apple email ad is how it quietly suggests that to learn, you need an iPhone. Buy the phone and get the content for free. Having just bought an iPhone and committed myself for two years of at&t, I couldn’t agree more. I need a good ROI. Now your favorite… Continue reading teacher in your pocket

this way to the museyroom

I’ve been reading Shirky’s HCE (nice to see a TIP callusion to Sterne Swift Joyce), so when I came across this final paragraph at Abject Learning, it leapt right out for the noticing. In Just to recap: we can find what we need, but will we find you? Brian Lamb is writing about a (really… Continue reading this way to the museyroom