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What I’m reading 8 Aug 2018

  • Top Euro court: No, you can’t steal images from other websites (too bad a school had to be sued to confirm this little fact) – Fair use by education is being reconsidered in the EU. This also means that CC needs to make inroads.

    > It will also mean that every website – even school websites – will have to make sure that they only post images that they have permission to post. And pretty much everyone is going to have to reeducate themselves about what is and is not allowable online.

    > It going to be messy, yet the decision also represents a gradual clawing back of previous norms in the internet era. It never made sense that people should be able to take other people's hard work – whether that's music, or video, or articles, or photographs – and do whatever they want with it just because it was possible to do so quickly and easily. – (publishing copyright EU )

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  • Can Pearson Solve the Rubric’s Cube? |e-Literate – Quick! add efficacy to the mission statement. "So we have plenty of reason to believe that Pearson is quite serious about becoming a company whose mission is to deliver educational efficacy, whatever that may mean to them. But that leads us to several more questions. First, does Pearson’s notion of efficacy truly align with the academic community’s ideas of what a good education is supposed to accomplish? And second, will Pearson be successful as a company if they deliver “efficacious” educational products?" – (efficacy publishing pearson )
  • Borges, Foucault, and Perec on Lists – – (notetaking literature DH )

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