Reading: Reopening Indiana University? Troubled Reflections of a Wayward Professor

From Reopening Indiana University? Troubled Reflections of a Wayward Professor

Very complete and compelling analysis of IU’s re-opening plan by Jeffrey Isaac, a professor of Political Science at the university. Brings a much-missing public policy perspective to the discussion. Brings, also, the much-needed insider knowledge of how state university system admins make and affirm decisions with limited input and administrative blinders – in this case, a report that assumes comprehensiveness by limiting its scope. A close reading that ought to be taken to all university re-opening plans.

These [pedagogical and financial questions] are the serious questions that IU strategic planning ought to be considering, through a serious deliberative process that incorporates the full range of relevant knowledge in the institution and that is transparent.

Most of the top administrators at IU are also colleagues, fellow humans who once experienced life on campus the way their employees do, and who truly care about the moral issues at stake.

I know that they face great pressure to reopen.

And I hope that they listen to their colleagues, like me, who are asking them to resist this pressure, and to do the right thing, and come up with a feasible plan to keep IU running as a viable and serious educational institution over the coming year without a premature reopening of campus, so that we can reopen at a later and a safer date in a way that is true to the university’s mission as a public institution of higher learning and safe and autonomous human flourishing.