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appearing on google reader

I’ve added all Weblogs and Wiki tumblogs and weblogs with RSS feeds to Google Reader so I can keep with with them in one place. Reader changes the formatting and display of the content, however, which is something the writers might want to take into account (hint).  That’s An Orange a Day and The Phil Peterson Experience in the screenshot.

Sometimes an image appears in the preview; at other times, the text appears but no image.  I haven’t figured out a pattern yet.

I’m also following the tumblogs, and they read differently than through google reader formatting.

But in skimming the google entries, it’s all in the title. The better the title, the more the post will be read.

weblogs projects started

Projects have started at Weblogs and Wikis.

More students are using Tumbler than I expected, but that speaks to some pretty tightly focused projects like Music Meeja and Red Sox Nation.

Social Commentating 101, which is making use of longer posts, is on WordPress.

And a few are tying two platforms together, either tweeting the highlights of their posts on Tumblr, or interlinking between mini-blogging and long-form blogging, as don’t panic and bizefingers.

Anyway, all good choices in media and integration.  And all taking an experimental attitude towards the project – an attitude that I hope will pay off.