Pinboard Bookmarks

new year’s updates

The Pablo Gómez Basanta has updated the Postalicious plugin for WordPress to include Pinboard. If you have Postalicious installed, check your plugins for the update. If you don’t have it, get it, and be sure to donate.

Why is this update important? I keep a lot of social bookmarks – for myself, for my teaching, and for students to refer to (Don’t laugh. Some do). Over time – and probably under the influence of writing for Tumblr and twitter –  I started to use the notes field when I bookmarked for mini-blogging: A quick comment and a quotation, tailored for an audience, not just for me, and phrased with an attitude. Postalicious handled the aggregation, grabbing the day’s bookmarks and notes from Delicious and posting them to my blog. Advantages: 1) The blog is persistent and lets me consolidate my activity in bookmarking with longer, more synthetic posts. 2) The bookmarking tags transfer to the blog, making it easier to find related stuff. 3) It looks like I’m really active on the blog.

As an aside: It took overcoming an academic mindset to start responding to bookmarks with an attitude. I learned as a grad student to stand back from sources when taking notes on them. I still stand back, but writing notes with an attitude makes the note, and reading the source, more valuable. /aside

To keep things in synch, I had Pinboard set up to mirror my Delicious account. But that meant I had to post to Delicious rather than Pinboard if I wanted my bookmarks to show up on my weblog. I’d rather post to Pinboard. Now I can. Quick work, Pinboard and Postalicious. Thanks.

So, a New Year’s reason to switch from Delicious to Pinboard.