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the designer super tuesday

images.jpegI’m not going to comment on this, but The Chronicle of Higher Education (typically a quality weekly) ran this light story on the morning after Super Tuesday, suggesting that the Clinton camp is less than design-worthy:

Mac vs. PC: Who Won Super Tuesday?
The two computers weren’t actually running in the couple of dozen presidential primaries and caucuses yesterday. But their Web surrogates were. is a Mac, while is a PC, according to Web-design experts quoted yesterday in an article on The comparison takes off from the Mac spots on TV, featuring a young, relaxed actor exuding laid-back confidence personifying the Mac, and an older, nervous character as the PC. Alice Twemlow, chairwoman of the master’s-in-fine-arts program in design criticism at the School of Visual Arts, in New York, says that “with Obama’s site, all the features and elements are seamlessly integrated, just like the experience of using a program on a Macintosh computer.” Twemlow is, of course, a Mac user. The Clinton site, in contrast, is repeatedly described as “hectic,” with messages IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS competing for attention. Web designers quoted in the article don’t like it very much. But when was the last time you met a Web designer who used a PC? –Josh Fischman

I met a web designer who used a PC just last week.  He was using tiny type on a web design.  When I pointed out I had to increase the font size to navigate, he reassured me that most of the users of the site would be using a PC and so wouldn’t be bothered.

It’s not the platform, it’s the attitude.

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