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bookmarks for August 8th, 2012

  • Broadcast Education: a Response to Coursera | Open Education | HYBRID PEDAGOGY – Jump into the debate here, with a very sound and nicely acerbic whack at xMOOCs Coursera. "esse Stommel reminds us in his article, The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses, that “MOOCs are all untapped potential” and “MOOCs are trainable.” In reality, the shapelessness of the MOOC approach, the vast chaos of it, can likely contribute much more to resurrecting that important connection between student and teacher than can any other form of online learning. Edmundson himself says that “Every memorable class is a bit like a jazz composition. There is the basic melody that you work with. It is defined by the syllabus. But there is also a considerable measure of improvisation against that disciplining background.” And if there is any online educational approach that percusses the way jazz does, it’s the MOOC." – (mooc openeducation oer )
  • The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses | Open Education | HYBRID PEDAGOGY – Good starting point for explanation. – (mooc openeducation oer #MOOCMOOC )

bookmarks for July 30th, 2012

bookmarks for June 9th, 2012 through June 10th, 2012

  • What is the theory that underpins our moocs? – clarity! – (mooc oer de )
  • On the Term “MOOC” – moving towards a finer definition. hooray. "Personally, I use the term “open teaching” to describe what I do with (1) publicly available syllabi, readings, and assignments, (2) encouraging participants to publish their work and thoughts on publicly viewable blogs and in other public outlets so that everyone can see, comment, and build on each others’ work, and – since this winter term – (3) awarding open badges to participants (in addition to helping them find ways to receive university credits). The term open teaching plays nicely with terms like open educational resources, open assessment, open credentialing, open access, open data, open policy, and of course the umbrella term – open education." – (mooc oer openeducation )

bookmarks for June 4th, 2012 through June 5th, 2012

bookmarks for May 20th, 2012 through May 21st, 2012

bookmarks for December 28th, 2010

bookmarks for November 3rd, 2010

  • Colleges Transform the Liberal Arts – The Chronicle of Higher Education – Rebrand the lib arts: "Taking a new form and, in some cases, going by a new name, the liberal arts are becoming a very visible force in the curricular lives of students. What's more, the number of students majoring in most humanities fields—disciplines viewed by some as the key to a liberal-arts education—has grown since the late 1980s." – (none)
  • Faculty Views About Online Learning – – via Tech-Rhet. Bar charts. Online is more work for less educational quality, and practiced mainly by the tenure-track faculty. I'm assuming this refers mainly to institutionalized CMS stuff. That's my over-generalization for the day. – (#plenk2010 DE openeducation open_learning CMS ple )
  • Stephen Downes: Deinstitutionalizing Education – Go, Stephen: "While a great deal of virtual ink has been spilled over the need to reform our schools and universities, I think we need to question how we manage education altogether. For it is manifest that the institution, the form in which we have managed education and society in general, has ultimately come to failure." This article is difficult to summarize, but it places institutionalized ed in there with corporate greed, exploitation, outsourcing, and powerlessness. And my university says, "Education is broken because we don't assess." Ed is broken alright, but it's broken like corporations are. – (#plenk2010 assessment openeducation open_learning ple )