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What I’m reading 21 Jun 2015 through 24 Jun 2015

  • 68% of Statistics Are Meaningless, D2L Edition – Told u so. the LMS has nothing to offer in analytics. Wake up, partner. "I can’t remember the last time I read one of D2L’s announcements without rolling my eyes." – (d2l edcrap )
  • Challenging MOOCs – "Rather, I worry that MOOCs will increasingly deliver all studies in a similarly “lite” version, that MOOCs will be unlikely to provide much critical analysis or equip students to develop any, particularly on topics where there are passionate feelings or entrenched opinions." – (moocs )
  • Richard Bartle on MUDs and British Snobbery – YouTube – Matt Chat 296 – How ideology – and not necessarily the dominant one – gets laced into design. Dr. Matt Barton, SCSU, interviews Dr. Richard Bartle, co-creator of MUD. The MUD as a place that cancels out accent: On the internet, no one knows you're a northerner, so you're free to become a wizard. – (DH design opensource semiotics )

What I’m reading 20 May 2015 through 22 May 2015

What I’m reading 2 May 2015 through 5 May 2015

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