traveling without a laptop

I’m considering traveling to the UK for a month without a laptop – just (ha!) an iPad and an iPhone with data roaming off. The rationale is weight and accumulation – and fear of fanaticism. Both my wife and I traveling with MacBooks and iPhones makes a kind of embarrassing middle-class sense. Compatibility. Shared chargers.… Continue reading traveling without a laptop

bookmarks for July 25th, 2009 through July 30th, 2009

Palin’s Resignation: The Edited Version | – A little shaky in its premise because VF seems to be editing spoken delivery into written delivery. – (writing copywriting editing techwriting ) ACU’s iPhone initiative: a year later – An outside view of ACU's distro of iphones to students and teachers based on interviews with the… Continue reading bookmarks for July 25th, 2009 through July 30th, 2009

notes on collecting with Brightkite

I’m down for the count today – something upper respiratory – so I’m working from home. But in keeping with my project while staying within the bounds of dry mouth and fatigue caused by the [unnamed maker of cetirizine HCI here], I’m doing something simple, and even simpleminded: reviewing my use of Brightkite as a… Continue reading notes on collecting with Brightkite

yancey and writing in the 21st century

Kathleen Black Yancey in her recent NCTE report Writing in the 21st Century (pdf) touched a chord for mobile teaching of writing. Yancey sketches a 19th and 20th century history of writing in America, and mentions the changing spaces of composing, from pen and ink, to pencil, to ballpoint, to typewriter, to stand-alone PC, to… Continue reading yancey and writing in the 21st century

three educational uses for Brightkite: some notes

If you have to look for uses for an app, is it really useful? Or are you just making it up? We have to make it up at first to see the possibilities. Back when the web was just getting going, early users had a sense of what it could be used for, a sense… Continue reading three educational uses for Brightkite: some notes

weblog projects starting up

Projects for Weblogs and Wikis will be starting up this coming weekend. Proposals are due today, approved Friday, with any requested revisions due Monday. And in keeping with student projects, I need to start one of my own. I’ll post regularly for the next eight weeks on Twitter, Brightkite, Tumblr, Flickr and mobile learning. There… Continue reading weblog projects starting up

e-planning planning for spring

It might snow Sunday, and that means it’s time to start to select texts for spring classes. Our campus bookstore wanted selections by mid-October, and while I’d like to accommodate the corporate giant, it will have to wait. Two courses I’m teaching in spring, E-Rhetoric and Weblogs and Wikis, benefit from using the most recent… Continue reading e-planning planning for spring

bookmarks for September 12th through September 13th

Distinguish Yourself With A Social Calling Card [Business Cards] – – (socialnetworking p ) WebWorkerDaily » Archive Oosah: A 1TB iPhone in the palm of your hand? « – The recently launched Oosah is another service that aims to provide services ‘in the cloud’ for the emerging class of mobile internet devices. – (iphone cloudcomputing… Continue reading bookmarks for September 12th through September 13th