weblog projects starting up

Mr Blue Sky.jpgProjects for Weblogs and Wikis will be starting up this coming weekend. Proposals are due today, approved Friday, with any requested revisions due Monday. And in keeping with student projects, I need to start one of my own.

I’ll post regularly for the next eight weeks on Twitter, Brightkite, Tumblr, Flickr and mobile learning. There are a few blogs to monitor, blogs that have posted and are regularly posting on micro-blogging, virtual learning environments, and mobile learning

I also have a set of notes in a courses database to draw on and bring in. But one of the first steps is going to be a more thorough search of Twitter/Brightkite projects and VLEs..

Interest in Twitter is a no-brainer. But I’m also interested in the way Brightkite ties micro-blogging to physical place and how it encourages posting images of place. In a similar vein, Tumblr facilitates quick collections of images, quotes, sound, and video without the drive to comment on the material; it also allows following of friends . Flckr, too, is a collection pool that, with tagging and following, becomes a resource.

Move access to these platforms to mobile phones and we have the possibility of mobile learning.

I’m not interested in Facebook. As it become more ridden with apps and advertising, it loses its focus for teaching and learning. A messy VLE.

A title for this project? Try Hunting and Gathering Materials for Mobile Teaching and Learning. Staid? Yep. But here’s a video. A little slow paced, but it makes a solid point in the final shot, and the soundtrack is ELO. ELO on VLE. WTF. Jeff Lind and ex-partner.

Blogging New Media

from the kitchen

image1038118127.jpgA second trial of iBlogger. This time I’m standing in the kitchen, finishing the crutons for dinner.

The test: how useful is iBlogger for food blogging?

An answer: Looks like it might be pretty good.

The use I’m checking into is not food blogging, really. Food blogging is a good test for live on the spot just in time blogging. The kind of blogging that might be useful in teaching and learning. One step beyond twitter.

In keeping brevity enforced by smartphone computing, iBlogger allows only one pic per posting. A good constraint, not only for reading but for composing. This does place palmtop blogging on the timeline curve between twitter and the laptop: between what I’m doing right now and what was done recently.

Mobile Blogging from here.