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What I’m reading 14 Dec 2015 through 31 Dec 2015

  • Transmission Model of Communication – David Chandler critiques Shannon and Weaver's model as it has been used in common culture. Not merely mostly harmless. "In short, the transmissive model is of little direct value to social science research into human communication, and its endurance in popular discussion is a real liability. Its reductive influence has implications not only for the commonsense understanding of communication in general, but also for specific forms of communication such as speaking and listening, writing and reading, watching television and so on. In education, it represents a similarly transmissive model of teaching and learning. And in perception in general, it reflects the naive 'realist' notion that meanings exist in the world awaiting only decoding by the passive spectator. In all these contexts, such a model underestimates the creativity of the act of interpretation." – (communication Dh erhetoric )
  • The Martian: Allegory of Whose Lives Matter – – (none)
  • Dear parents: Let your kids use open source software – Written for parents. A tiny guide and apologia for FOSS. – (foss open_source linux tech_writing )

live writer on lenovo netbook

At the Hockney Opening c 1982 by mcmorgan08A quick posting.  I installed Windows 7 on a Lenovo s10e netbook, to dual boot with JoliCloud.  One problem: the boot menu races past too quickly, but I’m looking in to how to pause it.

But I’ve also installed some of the Windows Live software to get a sense of how it works – and I am making this post with Writer. It seems unnecessary. It has all the right tool: inserting images, formatting, it will eve do tables. But it doesn’t have quite the posting management that would be useful in a standalone blogging app.

It seems to tie into WordPress pretty well.  That means I don’t have to use MS Live for posting, so I’ll give it a short try.

Now it’s a matter of solving that boot issue.

Update: Writer handles image linking to flickr with aplomb.  I dragged the image in this post from my main flickr page.  Writer inserted the thumbnail; and linked it to the image page on flickr automagically.


apple bluetooth keyboard and mouse on lenovo S10e

image1510733324.jpgThe secret’s in the operating system. I successfully paired my Apple wireless keyboard and Mighty Mouse with a Lenovo S10e using a Targus USB Ultra-Mini dongle. OS: Linux Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.1 beta. I imagine it would work with 9.04 too.

I worked for hours trying to pair the Apple keyboard under XP. Hours looking up and trying workarounds and hacks. Finally gave up.

Switched to Linux and it was apples and pairs. (See what I did there? Clever?)

Tiny netbook, right sized keyboard, and a more useful mouse. That made my Sunday.