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goal area 13: sense of humor

I was digging around in the Lib Ed area of the BSU website this morning, when I saw a sidebar to their FAQ with a curious question.

Lib ed faq

My first sense was, “Who’s having who on?” The question is patently a joke. Maybe it was asked tongue in cheek, but even if it wasn’t, it stands as a joke, a ribbing of the university’s pretensions. Like the We the People petition for the US to finance the construction of a Death Star. I decided to read more to see if we rose to the challenge. Does Lib Ed have a sense of humor?

Im a liberalI suppose that’s a fair if condescending attempt at explaining the distinction. But sadly it’s clear Lib Ed lacks a sense of humor. The last paragraph, in fact, makes damn sure the question is never asked again. It deserves repeating.

If you do not understand (well enough to explain) what the terms “liberal” and “conservative” mean as applied to politics, you are at a considerable disadvantage when it comes to participating in the civic and political life and conversation of your country. Liberal education can help here.

Ten minutes on the naughty step for you, Mr Sarcasm.


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