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  • Consumer Report iPhone4 study flawed | Viewpoints by Bob Egan – The iPhone antenna brouhaha is proving to be a good opportunity for teaching a lot about antennas, testing, and scientific methodology. After the battle is over, it will be good to return to the flak to do a rhetorical study. – (iphone teaching scientific_method )
  • Nixty Launches With Ambitions to Build Something Huge in eLearning – Two points here: Nixty social couse management software that leverages profs, and "the fact is that most people who can afford to go to college in the US want the experience of actually going to college. Those of us who would love to go back to college but don’t have the time to take off from careers or raising families, could use Nixty, but the problem is what I call the “Rosetta Stone dilemma.” I love Rosetta Stone’s software, and I think the approach to learning languages works – but the bottom line is there’s no short cut to the hours you need to put in to really learn a language fluently and I just don’t have those hours." – (de cms socialsoftware twwt )

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mid-summer hammock & CopySend

image1071092027.jpgLately I’ve taken to working in a hammock – when the weather is right. We’ve passed mid-summer, so I’m counting down, rather than up, to startup and classes. A hammock on afternoons is my way of counting.

I’ve also taken to drafting notes on an iPhone – in the hammock – then sending them to a MacBook via CopySend. Just an experiment. Just to see how it works. And it works just fine.