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bookmarks for June 22nd, 2013 through June 26th, 2013

  • The big picture » A Digital Workflow for Academic Research – A close consideration of a PLE, including using links, from invention through distro. Worth returning to regularly. – (ple cmooc invention )
  • Inside a MOOC in Progress – Wired Campus – The Chronicle of Higher Education – Roll up roll up. Watch as the Amazing Coursera Comp-MOOC does its death-defying stunts for an awestruck crowd.

    "Because of the way the Coursera platform is constructed, such wide-ranging decisions have been hard-coded into the software—decisions that seem to have no educational rationale and that thwart the intent of our course. "


    "When I wanted to make the penalty for not completing peer review a 100-percent deduction per assignment, the Coursera support team responded that the maximum deduction could be only 20 percent. Coursera acknowledged that other instructors had complained about the penalty figure but gave no indication as to when or whether the problem would be addressed. Predictably, many students have not completed the peer review, leaving others with little feedback. In my opinion, the instructor, not the platform, should determine how an assignment is evaluated." – (xmooc )

bookmarks for May 24th, 2010 through June 1st, 2010