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bookmarks for February 9th, 2013

  • Learning outcomes are corrosive – Our dirty little secret: we use learning outcomes as boilerplate. But they are not benign.

    "Yet learning outcomes are not just another banal instrument deployed to monitor and quantify the achievements of students. The very purpose of this organisational instrument is to accomplish a shift in emphasis from learning to outcomes. This is a technique through which a utilitarian ethos to academic life serves to diminish what would otherwise be an open-ended experience for student and teacher alike. Those who advocate learning outcomes do so expressly with the aim of abolishing such experiences, which is why they so vociferously target anything that smacks of ambiguity."

    Take that LibEd. Take that MnSCU. I shall make a link to this post part of my learning outcomes. – (learningoutcomes assessment )

  • The MOOCs that ate themselves – As MOOCs go mainstream, they … go mainstream. Pedagogy, assessment, quality. It's Starbuck's all the way down. – (MOOC infographic )
  • Issues in developing and implementing e-Portfolios – Info graphic and summary of a longer report. Tension between purposes, where assessment trashes making. "Many organisations are looking to some form of e-Portfolio to meet this need. Yet there is a tension between the use of e-portfolios to record and reflect on learning, as a tools for learning itself and as a means to assessment." – (portfolios eportfolios assessment )

bookmarks for April 17th through May 26th

A catch-up post while reactivating postalicious.