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Reading: Donald Trump’s failure to work with Joe Biden is becoming more urgent as Covid spreads – CNNPolitics

From Donald Trump’s failure to work with Joe Biden is becoming more urgent as Covid spreads – CNNPolitics

It’s all occuring on trump’s watch – both vaccine and continuing crisis.

The increasingly urgent pleas are coming from inside his administration, the President-elect’s team and independent public health experts as Covid-19 cases rage out of control countrywide, claiming more than 1,000 US lives a day. More than 246,000 Americans have now died from the disease, and a bitter winter lies ahead even amid encouraging news such as Monday’s announcement that a vaccine developed by Moderna is demonstrating a high success rate in early clinical trials, the second such positive vaccine news in about a week.

But instead of listening or mobilizing to tackle what some medical experts warn is becoming a “humanitarian” crisis, Trump spent the weekend during which the US passed 11 million infections amplifying lies and misinformation about his election loss. At one point, he appeared to acknowledge Sunday in a tweet that Biden won, before backtracking with a stream of defiance on Twitter.

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the second coming announced

St. Cloud State University.jpgSCSU is one of my alma maters, so to read this announcement pronouncement of their presidential inauguration is embarrassing. Maybe calling attention to it will encourage the copy writers to get their releases under control.

Friday, September 5, 2008
Inauguration celebration

The Sept. 19 inauguration of President Earl H. Potter III will celebrate St. Cloud State University’s immeasurable positive impact on Minnesota and the upper Midwest.

While the centerpiece will be a ceremony with wide campus and community participation, this commemoration of new leadership also will shine a brighter light on accomplishments and contributions of faculty, staff and students.

[From St. Cloud State University]