Reading: What’s the cost of acquiring herd immunity to Covid-19?

From What’s the cost of acquiring herd immunity to Covid-19?

hoakley works through the numbers on herd immunity without a vaccine in the UK. It’s not pretty. And the US officials know this.

[It] works out at a quarter of a million (246,400) fresh cases of Covid-19 per day on average, for a period of 100 days in England alone, to reach the HIT of 50% to provide herd immunity by natural infection.

We now need to work out the consequences of that sustained high rate of fresh cases. The percentage who require care in hospital varies widely with population, anything from 1-5% or more. That’s anything from 2,460 to over 12,000 cases each day.

The clincher is that herd immunity requires a vaccine to work:

That’s why society has invested so heavily in immunisation, which can produce herd immunity with almost no need for hospital care or death. But some seem hell-bent on putting the clock back to before 1770 and killing people when there’s a better way.

Models and references in hoakley’s post.