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bookmarks for May 12th, 2011 through May 13th, 2011

  • Ben Fry on visualization future and data literacy – sense and senseability in data viz: it's rhetoric. "I think the real thing that's going to change is that we're going to start understanding that visualization isn't this sort of monolithic thing… I like to look at it a lot like writing. You have novels and poetry and haikus. You know there's lots of different types of writing and styles of writing — and I think the same thing happens in visualization… some things are tools for analysis and some things are purely for entertainment, and there's not so much a spectrum that there is different ways of addressing it." – (visualization )
  • Microstorytelling // Brevity is the soul of wit – Jennifer’s thesis blog – Jennifer Parker's micro-history of short form narrative et al. An interesting angle would be to look at what readers add to the narrative to make the story work. Do they elucidate? Do they create motivation? Do they re-create a micro-meaning? – (shortform twitter sms haiku #en3177 )