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new year prediction

google-1.jpgPrediction: Studies of relationships between Google and the Big Media content giants will be popular at least in the media and hopefully in scholarly literature. The harbinger is The Register:

This week Marissa Meyer explained that editorial judgments will play a key role in Google searches. It was reported by Tech Crunch proprietor Michael Arrington – who Nick Carr called the “Madam of the Web 2.0 Brothel” – but its significance wasn’t noted. The irony flew safely over his head at 30,000 feet. Arrington observed:

Mayer also talked about Google’s use of user data created by actions on Wiki search to improve search results on Google in general. For now that data is not being used to change overall search results, she said. But in the future it’s likely Google will use the data to at least make obvious changes. An example is if “thousands of people” were to knock a search result off a search page, they’d be likely to make a change.

[From Google cranks up the Consensus Engine • The Register]

There are going to be a lot of refugees.