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  • Prune That Prose – The Chronicle Review – Another self-castigation about academic prose. Yes, good advice. Yes, a good position to take. But, as usual, the sense of academic prose is over-generalized and stereotyped. As here – "Revision requires making choices, something that academic writing allows you to avoid at all costs. Much of what makes that kind of prose so complicated is that nothing gets left out. Writing for a popular audience, in contrast, forces you to figure out what the hell you're trying to say and come right out with it."

    So does writing for an academic audience when you respect that audience enough to bring your argument forward – which Hornstein finally nails when she looks at Graff and gets to writing for freshman.

    Read Lanham's theory. – (academic styleguide prosestyle writing publishing )

  • theunbook.com » Dear publishers: It’s not too late to get a clue! – A few anecdotes about publishers malingering in the pre-digital age. Inky hubris. Makes the alternative of print on demand look good. "Publisher friends, I tell you this because I am your friend; I value your contribution and I like you. I want to work with you. But this is an intervention. You need to look at writers and illustrators as partners and collaborators and treat them as such. It’s time to step up in a spirit of partnership, " – (publishing publishing2.0 freelancing books book_culture )