notes on reading posts for week 4 in #en3177

I ran in to some interesting comments and comment threads this week.

And a well-used sets of lists

And a prime example of taking a creative approach to a thread in the reading. This post is significant because it shows how to isolate something to work with further, and that the problem can be approached as something broader than academic essay. Not sure what genre this is, but it fills a functional niche: John and Paulo « Weblogs and Wiki Reviews

My comment:

This gets me thinking about genre. It’s not an essay, really, and it’s not a narrative (or maybe it is). It’s like notes, but not just rough notes. Maybe “student notebook” notes? It works on two levels, too. It gives sense to Dewey’s and Freire’s ideas of education, by looking at the two of them together, in comparison. But it also organizes links to other material about them and their ideas. Those are both functions that essays and notebooks are designed to fulfill. So, essay-by-notebook?

Process: Start with a list

Collective Notes on Ch. 9 & 10 | Musings From My Keys

Use a post to come to understand. Rather than stopping with

>mostly because I understood nearly nothing from chapter 10

post anyway! Posting is a way of coming to understand. Have a look at chapter 11: Havalais quoting Doctorow (p. 119): trying to make an idea clear to an audience is a way of coming to think about it. That’s what blogs can do, because while blog posts are public, we don’t expect them to be polished, complete, perfect.

Weekly summaries

Summaries needn’t be thin. We now expect links, images, extended reflection. Set your sites a little higher on those. When you race by the chance to reflect, or turn it into a stand up comedy routine, you blow the opportunity to gain something from composing the reflection.

Its also an audience thing: If you treat the reflection like a blow off, you suggest I should treat it that way, too. So I do. This isn’t a matter of length – although you need to give yourself length to develop the insights – but a matter of attitude towards your own work.

Here’s a well done summary: Week 4: Comments, Use of Blogs Extended, and Manifestos | Jack in the Box – right down to including and placing an image that suggests something is going on. (I don’t know what to make of the image in the context of the post, but I’ll figure that out later.) The summary is detailed enough that Jack places all his work for me and suggests why what he has done is significant, for him, for the class, for now. It’s not a defense of his work, but a consideration. Jack’s comments on posts of other students will influence how I read and evaluate them.

Links: If you don’t link to it in your weekly summary, I may not see it and can’t credit it.


Not sure what to make of these yet. Tags place the post with others, but also create a curious cloud of suggested, hinted at, relations.

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