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What I’m reading 27 Oct 2017 – 28 Oct 2017

bookmarks for April 14th, 2013

  • My MOOC tech ecosystem – – (mooc )
  • The Hermeneutics of Screwing Around; or What You Do with a Million Books – – (dh de mooc ple )
  • COGNITIVE APPRENTICESHIP: MAKING THINKING VISIBLE – – (de pedagogy embedded_pedagogy )
  • Intrusive Scaffolding, Obstructed Learning (and MOOCs) | SAMPLE REALITY – "I’ve been thinking about embodied pedagogy lately in relation to MOOCs—massive open online courses. In the worse cases, MOOCs are essentially nothing but scaffolding. A typical Coursera course will include video lectures for each lesson, an online quiz, and a discussion board. All scaffolding. In a MOOC, where are the bodies? And what is the MOOC equivalent of a balance bike? I want to suggest that unless online teaching—and classroom teaching as well—begins to first, unscaffold learning problems and second, rediscover embodied pedagogy, we will obstruct learning rather than foster it. We will push students away from authentic learning experiences rather than draw them toward such experiences." – (de )
  • Why Online Programs Fail, and 5 Things We Can Do About It | Online Learning | HYBRID PEDAGOGY – Reborn digital. " Educational campuses have libraries, coffee shops, cafeterias, quads, lawns, amphitheaters, stadiums, hallways, student lounges, trees, park benches, and fountains. Ample space for rallies, study-groups, conversation, debate, student clubs, and special events. Few institutions pay much attention to re-creating these spaces online. The work done outside and between classes (which we would argue is the glue that holds education together) is attended to nominally if at all. Imagine this scenario: a business student shares a table at the campus coffee shop with an English major. A conversation kicks off with the inevitable, “What’s your major?” When and where does this conversation happen in online programs? " – (de )