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  • Why Do They Hate Us? – Advice – The Chronicle of Higher Education – Merry Xmas, Professor. Administrative costs are driving up education costs: "The rising cost of higher education. The price of a college degree has risen faster than the cost of health care. Anxiety about those costs crowds out the mental space that might be given to contemplating subjects without direct, practical applications.<br />
    The cost increase is driven not by faculty salaries, primarily, but by the rapid growth of administration, massive athletics programs, and the amenities arms race—not who has the most full-time faculty members so much as who has the most successful football team and the fanciest dorm rooms." – (education )
  • Digital Storytelling | A ds106 Production – I'm envious of the brave. Jim Groom is brave. Jim has a hellava course started here that I'm going to shamelessly emulate in designing the backend of Weblogs and Wikis as it goes open. Assignments are central, and those I have seen are doozies. But aggregation and syndication are the pedagogical magic. – (Ple Oer course mooc )

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