Diagrams, exemplars, bootstrapping in #PLENK2010

 Looking through some diagrams of PLEs at edtechpost has given me the impetus to create a diagram of my own, and the permission to really goof with it. Exemplars. To my mind, these diagrams illustrate what happens when a straightforward exercise is approached with a PLE attitude. Given the variety of diagrams, it looks… Continue reading Diagrams, exemplars, bootstrapping in #PLENK2010

teacher in your pocket

What I really like about this Apple email ad is how it quietly suggests that to learn, you need an iPhone. Buy the phone and get the content for free. Having just bought an iPhone and committed myself for two years of at&t, I couldn’t agree more. I need a good ROI. Now your favorite… Continue reading teacher in your pocket

special friday exercise: authenticity

What makes this authentic? From Captology Notebook: MoveOne uses video to persuade (not text) January 23, 2008 MoveOne uses video to persuade (not text)Today MoveOn started using online video to persuade supporters. For years they’ve relied on text. However, with the U.S. election heating up (and perhaps declining response to email), MoveOn has created a… Continue reading special friday exercise: authenticity