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bookmarks for July 4th, 2013 through July 8th, 2013

  • Using GitHub to Power A Web Project: How and Why – Waters is using GitHub to open source her stuff. Makes a good comparison to CourseFork. It's not necessarily the next big thing but using FOSS repositories for OER might be. – (github oer CourseFork )
  • “You’ve all got to work it out for yourselves!” | More or Less Bunk – MOOCs are already nostalgia. "1) MOOCs are designed to be frozen in amber.

    Do you remember those professors in college who lectured off the same sheets of yellowed (not yellow – yellowed, as in used to be white) note paper for twenty years? MOOCs are like that, only moreso. If it takes twenty people and $250,000 to create a MOOC, you don’t have a lot of incentive to bring the gang back together to make necessary changes, like writing new multiple-choice questions." – (xmooc )