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What I’m reading 7 Jan 2016

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bookmarks for January 5th, 2013 through January 7th, 2013

  • Beta Reader and Review Policy : Ada: A Journal of Gender, New Media, and Technology – An option to peer review, as implemented at Ada. Yet another new literacy practice. "Beta readers are writers who work with authors to provide critical and constructive feedback, including help with organization, development and progression of an argument, and mechanical recommendations before the work is submitted for peer review (or in some cases, for articles submitted for peer review that are not quite ready for the light of day)." what we have to p're – (peerreview DH review newliteracy Styleguide )
  • Why write by hand? – – (DH )
  • [toread] Design Futures Archaeology – – (coursedesign )
  • n+1: The Intellectual Situation – ah, finally long form that doesn't take the New Yorker high road, oh so popular retro diem. " But like the guy who just won’t take no for an answer, the Atlantic will never stop asking. Guilt is a gold mine. “Marry Him!” They might as well say, “Subscribe!” The Atlantic takes one reactionary impulse and sublimates it with another, hoping it can persuade us to make the same error in reverse, substituting our freshly provoked anxiety about finding a fuckable husband with an intense desire to commit to a reliable magazine. So far, this strategy seems to be working." – (fyc )

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