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late mid-summer digital humanities reading list update

At Dunn Bros

I’ve had a couple of requests for the texts for ENGL 4709/5709: Digital Humanities this fall. For some reason, the bookstore wanted text selections in mid-June. Not sure why. They can order texts and get them here within a month. And while I would like to accommodate the bookstore – because that’s what good customers do: accommodate the vendor – I won’t have a final list until late July because a) I’m conscientious and b) I’m not a hack. And just so we all know that I am conscientious and not a hack, here is my current reading list for the course.

This isn’t the final reading list – so don’t panic. It’s my reading list for the course – the stuff I’ve been working with since May. The final section of the list comes closest to what we’ll be reading for class. Might be one or two more, or less.

Card Sorting

Back in The Day, I used to get an overview of what I’ve read, of what I still needed to read, and how the texts would gather by sorting physical books and xeroxes into groups and piles. As more and  more of the texts become digital, I have to act more and more like a library, creating tokens to represent the texts and then arranging the tokens. The token on the list becomes separated from the text, which might be stored in a number of places: bookshelf, Pinboard, local pdf files. Here’s the current arrangement.

Summer Reading List for DH

A Starting Point

Digital Poetics


Writing and Rhetoric

Digital Scholarship

  • Martin Weller. The Digital Scholar. Selected chapters.
  • This section looks a little shy but there are a lot of readings on digital scholarship in the collections – and three of the texts in the final list address digital scholarship.
Social Critique

Tentative final list

The current reading list is on the DH site.