What I’m reading 2 May 2015 through 5 May 2015

The Conference Manifesto – NYTimes.com – Making the pre-conference season rounds in my neighborhood. – (conference rhetoric rhetorical_velocity ) On Research and Academic Diversity – Well, not really. It's a defense of that mooc meta study released this week, and roundly critiqued by Stephen Downes. Tip: the exchange is more enlightening than the study itself.… Continue reading What I’m reading 2 May 2015 through 5 May 2015

fedwiki proposal to opened15

March’s Teaching Machine Happening led to some Hangouts and discussions with Mike C, Ward and a small group of participants. Encouraging. Those discussions led me to submitting a proposal to the OpenEd Conference, 2015. With mine , I’m following Mike Caulfield’s lead, but focusing on composing strategies. Alyson Indrunas also submitted, more on the lines… Continue reading fedwiki proposal to opened15

wpa conference proposal accepted

Looks like we’re on for the WPA Conference this July – thanks to Joe Moxley who came up with the idea, and to Matt Barton who rounded out the third perspective. Panel Presentation Intellectual Freedom, Writing Programs and Open Textbooks This panel is for WPAs and faculty who wish to learn more about the Free… Continue reading wpa conference proposal accepted