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update from blogsy

Finally, a good app for blogging from the iPad. Blogsy handles drag and drop images and linking, tags, categories, multiple blogs, saving drafts locally or on the server – all the good stuff. It has a slide out browser, direct access to Flickr photostream and supports searching Google images. Looks like you still have to tweak some code, but Blogsy writes the first draft of the code to work with.

The app uses two modes articulated as sides of a flip-over pane. One side allows writing and code editing. The other shows the formatted post and provides drag and drop inserting of images and links, and heading, list, and paragraph formatting. Write on one side; format on the other. Pretty smart, and easy to get used to.

The biggest pain in blogging on the iPad and phone has been needing to switch between browser and the blogging app. Blogsy mitigates that with a minimal, slide out browser. Open the browser by tapping an icon, locate the page, grab the URL, image, or code, and drag it to the appropriate pane. Images work in a similar way. Tap the Flickr icon and palette with your account opens. Find an image and drag it to the formatting pane. Tap the image to align and resize it. Very nice.

Three dollars. The developers are polling users for features. This is one to buy early and watch it develop.