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bookmarks for November 20th, 2010 through November 21st, 2010

  • NSFW: Sarah Palin – How’s That Promotey, Embargoey Stuff Workin’ Out for Ya? – i love this guy, using the Palin Massive as a case study for author and publisjer gamesmanship. "publishers simply don’t have the luxury of controlling the flow of information any more. The idea that they can release thousands of preview copies of a new title, in electronic form, weeks (or even months) ahead of publication and rely on a gentleman’s agreement with the press that their embargo will be respected is simply laughable." – (publishing politics )
  • EPIC FAIL: the sorry state of web education in schools | opensource.com – via tech_rhet. Move away from teaching and using proprietary software – from Word to Dreamweaver – and start incorporating open source and web-based stuff – the kind of stuff that students can use to get beyond the proprietary. Excellent little article, but I wonder what took them so long to figure this out. Academia doesn't move as slowly as all that. Been doing this, and wrestling with it, for years. Might want to read this in conjunction with TBL's Long Live the Web. – (ple pedagogy webdesign wcw berners-lee plenk2010# )

bookmarks for November 19th, 2010 through November 20th, 2010