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  • Tutorial: How to explore a network graph of electronic literature in Gephi – – (de )
  • The Two Cultures of Educational Reform – Stanley Fish – Fish weighs in on evaluation kulture, with "Not only is there no right answer when the subject is Melville, there’s no right question, just the undesigned and often circuitous process of turning the object of your attention this way and that way until something arresting emerges, and then you do it again, without the programmed prompting of any deus ex machina. How can you measure or preplan that? You can’t, and so much the worse for Melville, who will just have to be left behind, along with a great deal else that belongs to the culture of art and intuition." Actually, the piece is gracious in critique – exemplar – (fyc assessment DH pedagogy )
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course guarantee syllabus boilerplate


In keeping with the commodification of the teacher-learner relationship, I’m providing students in my classes with this guarantee.

I can guarantee that what we are studying in this course, both subject and method, is applicable outside the classroom in your daily and your professional life. This course is designed so that what you learn during the course you can use in other situations and other courses, both at the university and elsewhere, now and later in life. However, there is no guarantee that you will actually make use of what you learn in this class outside of it, any more than buying a toothbrush guarantees you will use it to keep your teeth and gums healthy. That use now and later is solely up to you. Don’t squander what you learn.

Maybe the last sentence is too much, but I’m hoping it will stick with students. Free to share and adapt.

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bookmarks for April 14th, 2013

  • My MOOC tech ecosystem – – (mooc )
  • The Hermeneutics of Screwing Around; or What You Do with a Million Books – – (dh de mooc ple )
  • COGNITIVE APPRENTICESHIP: MAKING THINKING VISIBLE – – (de pedagogy embedded_pedagogy )
  • Intrusive Scaffolding, Obstructed Learning (and MOOCs) | SAMPLE REALITY – "I’ve been thinking about embodied pedagogy lately in relation to MOOCs—massive open online courses. In the worse cases, MOOCs are essentially nothing but scaffolding. A typical Coursera course will include video lectures for each lesson, an online quiz, and a discussion board. All scaffolding. In a MOOC, where are the bodies? And what is the MOOC equivalent of a balance bike? I want to suggest that unless online teaching—and classroom teaching as well—begins to first, unscaffold learning problems and second, rediscover embodied pedagogy, we will obstruct learning rather than foster it. We will push students away from authentic learning experiences rather than draw them toward such experiences." – (de )
  • Why Online Programs Fail, and 5 Things We Can Do About It | Online Learning | HYBRID PEDAGOGY – Reborn digital. " Educational campuses have libraries, coffee shops, cafeterias, quads, lawns, amphitheaters, stadiums, hallways, student lounges, trees, park benches, and fountains. Ample space for rallies, study-groups, conversation, debate, student clubs, and special events. Few institutions pay much attention to re-creating these spaces online. The work done outside and between classes (which we would argue is the glue that holds education together) is attended to nominally if at all. Imagine this scenario: a business student shares a table at the campus coffee shop with an English major. A conversation kicks off with the inevitable, “What’s your major?” When and where does this conversation happen in online programs? " – (de )
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bookmarks for January 7th, 2013 through January 12th, 2013

  • Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles and Politics – Open Book Publishers – Author: Brett D. Hirsch (ed.)
    : Digital Humanities and the Place of Pedagogy
    Brett D. Hirsch

    Hands-On Teaching Digital Humanities: A Didactic Analysis of a Summer School Course on Digital Editing
    Malte Rehbein and Christiane Fritze

    Digital Humanities and the First-Year Writing Course
    Olin Bjork

    Looking for Whitman: A Multi-Campus Experiment in Digital Pedagogy
    Matthew K. Gold

    Acculturation in the Digital Humanities Community
    Geoffrey Rockwell and Stéfan Sinclair

    Part 2. Principles
    Teaching Skills or Teaching Methodology?
    Simon Mahony and Elena Pierazzo

    Teaching Computer-Assisted Text Analysis: Approaches to Learning New Methodologies
    Stéfan Sinclair and Geoffrey Rockwell

    Pedagogical Principles of Digital Historiography
    Joshua Sternfeld

    Nomadic Archives: Remix and the Drift to Praxis
    Virginia Kuhn and Vicki Callahan

    Multiliteracies in the Undergraduate Digital Humanities Curriculum: Skills, Principles and Habits of Mind
    Tanya Clement

    Teaching Digital Rhetoric: Wikipedia, Collaboration and the Politics of Free Knowledge
    Melanie Kill – (DH pedagogy erhetoric )

  • [toread] Chopping down the trunk of education | xED Book – Cormier on distributed ed – (moocs oer )
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