republican slur

I generally don’t get overtly political here, but this flyer from the Republican Party of Minnesota (who I will not grace with a link), attempting to link Obama with Ayers, is insulting to any intelligent citizen. Never mind Palin. This kind of political speech would keep me miles away from any Republican support. This is… Continue reading republican slur

e-planning planning for spring

It might snow Sunday, and that means it’s time to start to select texts for spring classes. Our campus bookstore wanted selections by mid-October, and while I’d like to accommodate the corporate giant, it will have to wait. Two courses I’m teaching in spring, E-Rhetoric and Weblogs and Wikis, benefit from using the most recent… Continue reading e-planning planning for spring

24/7 is not as long as you think

A variation on the elevator pitch and the 160 character tweet, this one from the 2008 Ig Nobels The ceremony saw the ever-popular 24/7 lecture series, where leading researchers from around the world discuss the technical details and ramifications of their work in 24 seconds, then explain it in layman’s [sic] terms in 7 words.… Continue reading 24/7 is not as long as you think

anarchy rules ok

30 years on: Johnny Rotten on Country Life. Some would say it’s a sellout, but Lyndon sold out years ago, back in the days with Malc and Vivienne. But Lyndon’s a British icon and obligated to live up to that iconic status, bless him. image via: Concerned of Linwood

the second coming announced

SCSU is one of my alma maters, so to read this announcement pronouncement of their presidential inauguration is embarrassing. Maybe calling attention to it will encourage the copy writers to get their releases under control. Friday, September 5, 2008 Inauguration celebration The Sept. 19 inauguration of President Earl H. Potter III will celebrate St. Cloud… Continue reading the second coming announced

fall startup

The first day of noticeable fall. The world was green when the sun went down yesterday. This morning we’re seeing the first turn to yellow and red.

three weeks on the phone: are we literate yet?

We’ve been living with iPhones for three weeks now and it’s still a toss up between Christmas and hell. Essentially, the phone is another computer – one that does voice but really just another computer. So we have to learn to deal with another set of computer idiosyncrasies: typing issues, restarts, crashes, syncing, settings…. The… Continue reading three weeks on the phone: are we literate yet?


Just finished changing the WordPress template to Hemingway, and tweaking a few details, like the pages template. Bottom navigation is all the rage right now, so I thought I’d try it to see how it influenced posting and design. Limited space It has already forced me to clean up and refine my categories and blogroll… Continue reading hemingwayed

cold again

It’s getting down to -28F tonight, and we’re already feeling the cold creep in. We have a fire going, and we’ll need to keep it going all night to keep the house warm. Everything is straining to get through this cold snap: the cats, the beams in the house, and the truck.