The Mundane

why the britons never bothered to invade n america

The storm came and went. We ended up with 12″ – 14″ over 14 hours. The wind picked up and the temperature started to drop around 2 am, to hit a low of -17F about dawn.

All pretty typical, although we usually don’t get the cold until after the first of the year.

We were snowed in: the snow had packed hard in the drive so we couldn’t get the Rav through, and we didn’t have the energy to even try to dig out. Best to wait for Donovan, our guy who plows, to come by, which he did about 11:00 am.

So, I worked a little, read a little, listened to tunes a little. The cats relaxed. We relaxed.

No one was on the road. Even the snowmobilers were quiet: too cold even for them.

It’s evening now. Viv is making a Christmas cake. I’m making a chicken tagine. We’re onto the wine. Top Gear is on BBC America at 7:00. The prediction for tonight is for -29F, so we brought wood in to keep a fire going all night: load the firebox every 3 hours. Saves on propane. Makes us feel cozy, homey.

Tomorrow we’ll get back to normal.

plowing out  Cat and feeder  IMG_0849 Sun dog