A test post from mWeb

Trying out a newish md editor / publishing app. I published a line to wP in md – and it rendered well. Now trying an update …

And that went fine. Now an image …


… and that went fine, too.

Handles copy-paste md links: How To Store Potatoes | The Container Store. Looks like it saves automatically.

Handles code. Seems completely md compliant.

Pretty impressive as a md editor, and as a publisher to WP. The editing bar alone is useful in its completeness. Next to try is mWeb on macOS for static web site generation. Help is in the how to use document.

As a note-taker and drafting space, it’s comfortable. Nice to look at and to use. The note-taking set up demands some thinking through, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

It’s sort of a blog-oriented note space.

Not sure if it shows up in the share sheets. Checking.