DALL-E mini tests

My little tests demonstrated nothing conclusive. But results suggest that DALL-E mini – now at craiyon.com – might be working on an Art History degree.

I ran cats on tables plural and cat on table singular. DALL-E can count, but seems to lean towards everyday moggies rather than, say, a nice Manx or massive Maine Coon.

Dalle mini cats on tables

Dalle mini cat on table

man and woman talking. I wanted to get a sense of how DALL-E would portray a conversational relation. All the models are white, and seem to be assuming a public space as a default.

Dalle mini man and woman talking

nude descending a staircase. This was to see how DALL-E would handle a classic title. The figure is nude, leans towards female – even though I didn’t specify – but the figure tends to be ascending rather than descending. Or resting. Or missing in one case. That’s DALL-E’s little joke.

Dalle mini nude descending a staircase

This is not a pipe. One-hundred percent accurate. DALL-E knew I was asking for a smoking pipe rather than, say, a length of lead pipe. Both a smoking pipe and a lead pipe appear in one version,: DALL-E’s a punster. It made some interesting choices in placing the pipe: floating over carpets, unnaturally balanced on a table edge, balanced over a lead pipe, a two-stemmed pipe embedded in or emerging from or sinking into a table. Or it may be two pipes. Less Dali and more Magritte or Duchamp for the humor.

Dallemini 2022 6 27 14 19 47

The Gleaners. Or “these are not the gleaners.” This one could get DALL-E flagged for plagiarism.

Craiyon 2022 6 27 14 26 55