Reading: Taylor Swift Remade ‘Fearless’. Borges weighs in.

From Taylor Swift Remade ‘Fearless’. Borges weighs in.

[Taylor Swift Remade ‘Fearless’ as ‘Taylor’s Version.’ Let’s Discuss.}(

Keeping a promise from when her master recordings were sold, Swift has faithfully rerecorded her 2008 album. Our critics and reporters explore its sound, and purpose.

An interesting read from a Benjamin-aura-NFT-Borges angle. I’m surprised none of the reviewers at the NYT brought in a mid-20th century author who address re-production. But Borges weighs into the discussion with “Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote”

Menard’s fragmentary Quixote (which is line-for-line identical to the original) to be much richer in allusion than Miguel de Cervantes’ “original” work because Menard’s must be considered in light of world events since 1602. Wikipedia

And so the reviewers demonstrate with their consideration of Swift’s re-make. Er, “reclamation.”