Reading: Google contradicts Trump claims: it’s not working on a coronavirus portal

From Google contradicts Trump claims: it’s not working on a coronavirus portal

FFS. The national emergency- two big words for Trump – is Trump and his admin as much as the coronavirus.

Problems start with the fact that Google isn’t involved in this. Instead, a different Alphabet company, Verily, is working on a portal. This makes more sense, given that Verily is focused on medical-oriented computing, both in terms of analyzing data for large healthcare providers, and in terms of providing services and hardware for individual patients. And it at least has the same corporate parent as Google, which presumably explains the confusion about who’s building the software.

But the Verily statement (which was issued by Google communications) indicates that there are a number of other issues in the plans presented by the administration today.

The website is not even ready for use for a single region in one state, much less ready to become a central part of the government’s strategy of allocating the millions of tests it announced would be available in the near future.

Trump’s dog and pony show emphasis was on New! and Exciting! when it needs to be placed on accurate and prompt. Yet another coronavirus debacle.

As of this report, the administration had not not clarified what its actual plan is. Given that key figures in devising said plan were acting as if this portal were ready for use just a few hours ago, it may take them some time to develop one.