Reading: Social media notifications of the future


The Register comments on naming-as-branding.

Choosing a name for one’s offspring can be incredibly difficult. You don’t want them to be the ninth Jaxon in class, but you also don’t want them to be bullied mercilessly for the rest of their lives.

Even so, parents are increasingly pulling appellations out of their arses, in some cases to give their child a “unique” identity on social media.

Seems like a middle-class concern. So it’s good to see the cynical Reg prod the beach rubble to add to the paranoia.

Honestly, who cares? All names are “made up” in one way or another and it’s the parents who end up looking like twats, not the kids. The most disturbing thing is folk getting excited to sign their children’s right to privacy away on social media before they are able to have a say.

As always-the-second-or-third-Michael in the class, I got over it. Along with Greg, Gregory, Kim, Kimmy, Sue, Susie, Jean and Jeanie. The kid two rows in front of me named Alcott? Never heard of him again.