remember: it’s supposed to be fun, too

anotherpicofme.jpgWeblogs and Wikis has started up for spring. About 15 new bloggers are finding their feet with WordPress. User-friendly documentation is thin, do I’m doing more daily technical introductions in class and calling on students to help. But I’m really glad to be shot of Blogger for a more rough-edged and forward-looking platform that is more appropriate to the kind of professional apprenticeship we’re doing at a university. WordPress is far more appropriate to professional use than Blogger.

But I also forgot that getting started in blogging and wiki use can be fun. Coming up those first few posts can be difficult, but that’s because you suddenly have an audience and aren’t sure what to say. As the new bloggers start up, it gets infectious – ‘specially since I have to actually do the assignments I give. If I ask students to spend an hour a day blogging, I’m obligated to the same. The challenge for me is to come up with something, but reading over some of the student blogs on The Daybook gets me pointed in a useful direction.

Then I have to break out all the tools: ecto for posting, a beta of Skitch for prepping images, and NetNewsWire for rss feeds.

Ok I’ll admit it. posting is really just an excuse to play with the tools. All I really need is a browser an an hour of American Idol spare time…. Gotta go. Anthony Bourdain is on the Travel Channel.

My life is so full.

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