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on pinboard for June 17th, 2014

  • The Shallows – The Frontal Cortex – Response to Carr's response to the writers's review in NYT. Carr just won't let go of stating the obvious – even though he's backed away from his premise of evil. "But they certainly don’t support the hypothesis that the internet, as Carr writes, is turning us into “mere signal-processing units, quickly shepherding disjointed bits of information into and then out of short-term memory.”" – (the_shallows )
  • Book Review – The Shallows – What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains – By Nicholas Carr – – Need a fast response for the determinists, and while this review commits the same silliness as Carr, it's a start. "It is here that he starts to run into problems. There is little doubt that the Internet is changing our brain. Everything changes our brain. What Carr neglects to mention, however, is that the preponderance of scientific evidence suggests that the Internet and related technologies are actually good for the mind. " – (the_shallows attention_economy )