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  • Wikipedia:Too long; didn’t read – don't often bookmark Wikipedia, but this entry is a valuable reminder. "A common mis-citation of this essay is to ignore the reasoned and actually quite clear arguments and requests for response presented by an unnecessarily wordy editor with a flippant "TL;DR" in an attempt to discredit and refuse to address their strongly-presented ideas and/or their criticism of one's own position. This is a four-fold fallacy: ad hominem, appeal to ridicule, thought-terminating cliché, and simple failure to actually engage in the debate because one is supposedly too pressed for time to bother, the inverted version of proof by verbosity." – (erhetoric sarcasim )
  • The biggest lesson from the flipped classroom – At least one substantive observation about flipping classrooms: it ain't about just getting by. "it rejects the notion that college is about just barely getting by in the nick of time, and instead it promotes a personal model of staying on top of things and getting things done. This is  a form of self-regulated learning and something university students must absolutely master at some point, sooner rather than later."

    But I wonder if this can be addressed simply by teaching students time management. – (flippedcourse de )