a reminder: mechanics are technologies, too

From Exactly 2 Cents Worth: Teach Students to Communicate — 05-18-05, a reminder to teach beyond the sentence and paragraph.

If we teach [students] to communicate, then we do not merely teach them the mechanics of writing, but art of communicating convincingly and compellingly — to accomplish goals by influencing other people. In addition, if communicating in the 21st century means producing messages that successfully compete for attention, then at the same time that we are teaching children the art of communicating with text, we should also teach them to communicate with images, animation, video, and music.

…students must move way beyond being mere consumers of information. We must make them skilled producers of content — information artisans.

Good term: information artisans. Not hacks (five paragraph theme) but artisans, with emphasis on crafting and technique. Practicing rhetoricians.