more teaching to the test – English teachers group says new SAT test could backfire

The new timed SAT writing test is being roundly smacked:

The new test will be given to more than 1 million students a year. Though it could persuade schools to spend more time teaching writing, the report says, prepping students to write one-draft, short essays will rob them of valuable time learning to produce quality writing.

“What will matter most to students is performing well on the specific kind of writing task on the new SAT,” says Robert Yagelski of the State University of New York at Albany, who headed the group that wrote the report. “Inevitably … other vital kinds of writing will be ignored or devalued.”

The curious question is going to be how hs students and teachers will navigate between the formulaic version of learning in the SAT and the (hopefullly) authentic version of learning in Concurrent Enrollment. Or not.

2 thoughts on “more teaching to the test

  1. morgan

    Corin – It’s not unusual to do badly on the SAT and end up in grad school. The SAT isn’t a good predictor of success in college. It’s more for placing incoming students in the appropriate level first-year classes. I never took the SAT, I held a solid C in high school and graduated 500th out of a class size of 1000. When I started, Minnesota state universities had open enrollment: everybody got a chance. Once in university, I just kept on going.

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