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bookmarks for August 8th, 2012

  • Broadcast Education: a Response to Coursera | Open Education | HYBRID PEDAGOGY – Jump into the debate here, with a very sound and nicely acerbic whack at xMOOCs Coursera. "esse Stommel reminds us in his article, The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses, that “MOOCs are all untapped potential” and “MOOCs are trainable.” In reality, the shapelessness of the MOOC approach, the vast chaos of it, can likely contribute much more to resurrecting that important connection between student and teacher than can any other form of online learning. Edmundson himself says that “Every memorable class is a bit like a jazz composition. There is the basic melody that you work with. It is defined by the syllabus. But there is also a considerable measure of improvisation against that disciplining background.” And if there is any online educational approach that percusses the way jazz does, it’s the MOOC." – (mooc openeducation oer )
  • The March of the MOOCs: Monstrous Open Online Courses | Open Education | HYBRID PEDAGOGY – Good starting point for explanation. – (mooc openeducation oer #MOOCMOOC )