pre-solstice clean up

Justin Bieber Singing Toothbrush. Technology gone bad.

It’s been so far a week of

  • grading (Tech Writing and Comp Theory are finished. A&E and E-Rhetoric on the sideboard)
  • updating (WordPress, three or four WikkaWikis, doku wiki)
  • re-creating (I lose something every update because I’m not very deft at it. This time it was my wiki home page at biro. Good riddance to the old. In with the new.)
  • requesting (Norton Critical Editions: Bleak House. C’mon Norton. This is my third request for a desk copy. Don’t you know how important I am? I’m important.)
  • buying (online, stuff for friends and family. I can’t say much, except Mason Cash, ok?)
  • organizing (this is online magazine: menus, categories, and sections.)
  • cleaning up (cleared out old WordPress plug ins and templates, loads of out of date and corrupted files, and a couple of defunct sites on DreamHost.)
  • nursing (newest kitten was spayed and de-clawed on Monday. She’s on kitty Vicodin for the week)
  • reading (I’ll admit that Journal of the Plague Year can be a slog – but thinking of it as a disaster movie helps)
  • reading (I’m well into The Arcades Project and commentary on it. I’d spend the rest of the break pouring through that stuff if I could)
  • hiking (I never ever hike, really, but on Saturday night we went out in the ice on Plantagenet under the full moon for a thrill. Not much snow and lots of booming and creaking. Still, 6″ is thick enough.)

And, hey, it’s only Thursday. Still time to get a tree and bake a ham, maybe.